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Welcome: Offical site of the West Essex Football Club

Welcome: Offical site of the West Essex Football Club


Parents and Guardians Code of Conduct

Remember as adults we are role models to our children. Therefore, at all times we should be providing the best example to them by conducting ourselves in a sporting and mature manner.


2)    Communication of our child's absence from training sessions or games should be noted on TeamSnap and via email to your coach in a timely manner to assist your coaches planning. Please always provide the reason for absence in your communication.


3)    Reinforce with players that the result of games during this stage of their development is a secondary concern. Instead, encourage discussion of both individual and on team performance in place of results or opponents.


4)    Refrain from coaching from the sidelines. For your child to learn optimally their team coach should be the only voice that they should be paying attention to during training and games. Please be encouraged to cheer and support in a positive manner but do not provide any information that may interfere with your child's learning process.


5)    Never ridicule, demonstrate frustration, or yell at a young player for making a mistake. As mistakes are made, when reflected upon appropriately can be a very valuable learning experience for players during this stage of their development.


6)    Do not question the referee’s honesty. Remember that they are human and sometimes may make an honest error.


7)    Do not engage in negative breakaway conversations on the sideline. This includes with opponents and with our own teams parents. Remember you are there to watch your child enjoy their sports experience, as are other people in attendance. Pull up a chair, sit down and enjoy the game!


8)    Address any concerns that you may have directly with your respective team coach 24 hours after a game or training session. If your concern is relative to the immediate safety of your son or daughter then you May put forward your concerns prior to the minimum 24 hour rule.


9)    If your concern requires further attention, your team coach will inform your respective team manager who will deal with the issue.

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