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Ball Mastery is designed to make all players feel more comfortable and confident around the ball when they are in possession.  Athletes like Leonel Messi (Argentina) and Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) are masters behind the ball.  Every type of skill they perform in a game is second nature to them.  This is because it has become a habit they have developed in their daily routine.  The constant repetition is what’s needed to become a great master of the ball.


The links attached will be focus on Ball Mastery.  Each link contains about thirty clips of different ball mastery exercises. Please have the players complete any five of them per day by this Friday. Please also encourage the players to perform these techniques in groups of five.  (30 thirty clips / 5 clips = 6 days of exercises).


We would like for our players to record their technique or session (if you have the means of doing so and your permission). You may send them back to me via text or email so that I may provide some feedback. I will keep a log, also. The video submission should five clips of 30 seconds.


Players should work on five skills within a total of 20 to 25 minutes or so.

Each skill should be worked on for about one minute straight in five intervals with a few  seconds break in between each interval.


The short clips of each performing exercise (5) should be about 30 seconds each. (30 seconds * 5 clips = 2.5 minutes recorded and sent.  In addition, please have them record a log with the name of the exercise, date, time and duration of exercise.


In addition to the Ball Mastery exercises log, we also want the players to log 20 minutes of juggling.  Please spend at least 20 minutes per day for a minimum 4 days.  In this log, please include a count of consecutive juggles in each try.  Unlimited chances but record a baseline their best 6 chances. 


We will continue to submit more resources in the upcoming days.


Please find the links below on some things that players can work on from home or in their yard.  


Ball Mastery l Coerver Coaching & Fast Footwork Part 1 - 30 Drills for Ball Control


Ball Mastery l Coerver Coaching & Fast Footwork Part 2


Thank you for your anticipated cooperation and support.  Please stay well and see you soon.


Coach Frank Pajuelo

Email: [email protected]